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The Shops | ?m | 3fl | U/C
From what I saw last time I was there it is one central elevator + stairwell structure and another stairwell only in one corner. It looked like another stairwell might be going in in another corner from the foundation. They don't seem to be in any great hurry, since if they had wanted the could have done both concrete sections in parallel, but seem to be doing them sequentially.

Does anyone know what kind of material is expected for the rest of it? Steel frame or wood?
It will almost certainly be steel frame, just like the rest of the block was.
I took a couple pictures of it today:
Great update - I appreciate it, curiouschair. I was worried I'd missed a lot of the progress on it but glad to see I have not. Will be really interesting to watch the steel go up, the decking and concrete slabs poured, and of course the enclosing and finishing of the building.

We are used to development going in around Uptown, but like the other two Waterloo Town Square blocks along King Street that went in ~10 years ago (how time flies :O), this is a strong urban project that will enhance the public realm on Willis Way and in Uptown in general.
About 1/3 of this building is at grade. It looks like they have already put in stone flooring in that section.
(07-16-2016, 10:29 AM)jwilliamson Wrote: About 1/3 of this building is at grade. It looks like they have already put in stone flooring in that section.

It's far too early for flooring to be going in when the building has not been enclosed. What you might have seen is the top of the formwork for the concrete slabs.

Glad to hear an update though - looking forward to this one. It will be good to have the Uptown streetwall from King Street brought over to Caroline Street.
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
No updates for 2 months? Anyone got some photos of the progress here?
Last time I was past there (maybe a week ago) they had a concrete floor poured level with the ground and that was about it.
As bpoland stated, really not much progress. I've actually wondered if this project is in trouble with the slowing pace. The site was locked tight today and had seen very little activity recently:
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
Cool, maybe funding dried up and we'll end up with our own version of the Bay Adelaide Stump!
Wasn't this building supposed to have Shopify as an initial tenant? If so, with their place in Seagram's very secure, I'm curious if this has had an effect.
Can anyone interpret what's proposed in this notice?

Quote:Notice of public meeting - 1899038 Ontario Inc., 85 Willis Way, and 95 & 115 King St. S. - Ward 7, Uptown
Date: Thursday Nov. 3, 2016
Time: 4:30 to 6 p.m.
Location: Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, Waterloo City Centre, 100 Regina St. S.

Vacant Land Condominium 30CDM-16406
1899038 Ontario Inc., 85 Willis Way, and 95 & 115 King St. S. – Ward 7, Uptown
The applicant is proposing to create a four unit vacant land condominium located at 85 Willis Way, and 95 & 115 King Street S. Units one, two and three will have mixed use commercial/office buildings, while the vacant unit will be parking unit one. The common element areas are proposed for drive aisles leading through the site to on and off site parking. 

We encourage the public to provide comment on this condominium application.  Individuals may submit written/electronic comments prior to the public meeting. The public is informed and notified that names, addresses and comments may be made public. Olga Smith, city clerk, City of Waterloo.

For further information regarding the above matter, please contact the City of Waterloo Integrated Planning and Public Works, 2nd Floor, Waterloo City Centre, Waterloo, Ontario, by calling Danielle Ingram at 519.747.8773, or by email at danielle.ingram@waterloo.ca and/or The Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Planning, Development, and Legislative Services, 150 Frederick Street, Kitchener, by calling Wendy Fisher at 519.575.4014, or by email at [email=%20wfisher@regionofwaterloo.ca]wfisher@regionofwaterloo.ca[/email]
95 and 115 are the two west side of king buildings south of willis way. It almost sounds like they want to turn the pedestrian corridor between them into a parking access road? Or maybe they're trying to combine those two buildings with the one being built on Willis way into a single condominium corporation for some kind of tax purpose, and the parking lot access from the three-way stop sign off willis would become the parking drive aisle "unit."
Looks like they're forming a condo corp to manage that block. Maybe the owner wants to divide it up and sell some of it? The remaining surface parking is considered a separate unit, rather than a common area, so presumably they plan to either develop it or switch to paid parking.

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