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316 King Street North | 15 fl | Proposed
(05-17-2018, 04:30 PM)highlander Wrote:
(05-09-2018, 01:55 PM)timc Wrote: Yeah, I definitely prefer the two-bedroom unit over the five-bedroom student housing. And I agree that 3 bedroom units would be nice, but I understand that there are financial  reasons. I'm happy to see this kind of transformation, although I'm surprised to see it so soon.

It's not really surprising that this is the first to see this transformation. This was basically the first of the student specific, 5-bedroom, "highrise" developments in Waterloo. Based on my memory, it was built around 2006-7 by Andy's Apartments on a model that wasn't yet proven, hence the low cost finishes and no amenities. Most students were living in basement apartments or SFHs converted for 8-12 students, so this was luxury accommodation in comparison.

Here's the streetview looking north from King & Hickory in April 2009:

(05-17-2018, 02:24 PM)JCnb Wrote: For such a crappy building, it does have a pretty impressive yet odd penthouse unit!


Andy (of Andy's Apartments) lived in that penthouse while he owned the building, I believe.

I've always found this funny. It's like the Playboy mansion of Waterloo. There are parties there every single weekend with crazy lights.

Double doors from the shower onto the balcony... that screams Playboy mansion right there! LOL

Playboy Mansion on a very, very bad day, perhaps.
(05-29-2018, 01:42 PM)panamaniac Wrote: Playboy Mansion on a very, very bad day, perhaps.

haha yes... but the Playboy Mansion is quite tacky actually.
The penthouse at 317 was flooded, apparently by a disgruntled departing tenant. https://www.therecord.com/news-story/888...-building/
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
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