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Blackstone Condos | 6 fl | U/C
(06-21-2018, 02:06 PM)Watdot Wrote: It's interesting to me how there's such a disconnect between branding and the overall design of developments like these.....

There's no better example of this than the "Urban Towns" that were being advertised all over town for a while...they were located on the edge of the city boundary..."Urban" indeed.

(06-21-2018, 03:08 PM)Viewfromthe42 Wrote: I don't think there's a single example of residential condos in the region where you can walk inside a building to the common elements.

Bauer Lofts?
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Not condos, but Blair House up on Philip St has inside access to the Balzac's Coffee.
Examples locally are hard to find but it is something you see more frequently now in large urban center condo developments... hence "trendy". That's my point.
A sexy/trendy marketing campaign for residential condo units that share the same property as pad sites, drive-thrus, surface parking, lack of transit integration is a complete disconnect.
Found another rendering of this one.  This time from street level

That looks pretty nice!!
Apparently this build is over 80% sold after the 1st sales event? That has to be some sort of record for a suburban project? Trailside, reflections, woodhaven, and Avalon never had that much success, much be something special going on there.
That is definitely surprising. Especially because the location isn't necessarily REALLY appealing.
The price is right? That is always a factor, too.
Saw a price list and they definitely will be able to get buyers who are just trying to enter the market now. For 500 something sq ft of inside living space, the pricing was in the $200's. I believe condo fees were 40cents a sq ft. There are a variety of units ranging from one bedroom to three bedroom. If I remember correctly, nothing exceeded 1200 something sq ft of inside living space and nothing was priced over $500k. Not sure about 80% sold, would expect to see that promoted on one of their sites or their seller's (condo culture). Nevertheless, the location actually is not bad. Once the LRT is up and running and bus routes are reorganized, it will take 5 minutes to get to the mall (Conestoga Mall LRT station) by bus right outside the door. You could also walk to the mall in probably 15 minutes from that location. In addition, beer is available right across the street at Innocente Brewery! A significant amenity for some people. Smile
Found a more detailed site plan for this.  Including the three separate phases and their names:  Nord, Sentral, and Sor

Norwegian for 'North', 'Central', and 'South', for the record.
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
Another great image, this time of the party room:

That's a well stocked bar!
Construction has started at this site (so sales must have been good). Lots of heavy equipment moving earth and putting in what I would expect to be services.
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