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30 George | 8 fl | Proposed
30 George
30 George Street, Cambridge

Developer: The Bailey Group

[Image: 30george.png]
Check out the sales brochure: http://30george.com/files/30GeorgeBrochure.pdf
What does everyone think of this project? I like the massing with the tower element behind. Im interested to see what materials they use. The rooftop of the front part would work perfectly for some common space though, so missed opportunity there.
I'm not sure about the mansard roof bit, but seems a good project for the location. A lot of the condos are quite large, so I guess they'll be targeting empty-nesters?
The mansard roof is interesting because it only goes around part of the building.
Yeah, I see the "ye olde" built at different times esthetic they are going for, but I don't find the mansard as shown in the render to be very attractive. Not terrible, but just not my thing.
Whatever happened to this project?
No funding, if I recall correctly. I can't link anything since all the relevant sites are now dead.
I recall the unit sizes were all quite large which likely wasn't economical in the end. Perhaps they'll come back with a redesign with small units or something more fitting with the current/local market.

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