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115-117 Erb St E | 40m | 12 fl | Proposed
Or the City could put some meaningful traffic calming along Moore near Elizabeth Zeigler. There's no real reason Moore should have as much through-traffic as it does and (particularly south of Union) its width encourages excessive speeds.
I'm a little disappointed they re-paved it in front of Zeigler. The potholes were acting as some pseudo calming. Personally, I don't find the speeds too bad, but the volume is pretty high between Erb/Union. There's just too many vehicles for people to get their speed up.

From what I can tell it seems like a lot of people going to Sunlife or GRH will go Bridgeport -> Moore -> Union/Roger. Most of the traffic south of union doesn't continue down that far.

It seems like a lot of construction has taught people new paths of least resistance. That's why I think the focus of any opposition to this would be traffic related. People may be especially sensitive because of the recent rat running. Probably same position of opposition for the CDC re-zoning.

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