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The Walter | 24m | 5 fl | U/C
Nope, if I'm right and there are 34 parking spots in the approved development, there will be 1 spot per unit.
The former proposal would have met the "character of the neighbourhood" by supporting families with children, or caring for elders. The current proposal will meet the "character of the neighbourhood" by helping to ensure fewer children/families of any size. Sometimes, there's what you think you want, and only once you get it do you realize what really mattered to you in the first place.
Looks like things are starting to move on this project!

[Image: sKoIR0Z.jpg]
Memories fade. Is there a render somewhere of what was approved for this site?
[Image: _2013.12.06%202013-009%20Rendering.jpg]
Looks like a shadowy group of people living in that building.
I thought it got altered slightly. I think that's the original proposal which got dropped a couple of floors
(05-04-2016, 07:27 AM)Spokes Wrote: I thought it got altered slightly.  I think that's the original proposal which got dropped a couple of floors

It was reduced from 6 stories to 5 stories - IMO, it was far more attractive before the revisions. Here's the summary of the changes made and renderings before/after from the Nov council meeting where it was finally approved:

• The total height of the building has been reduced by one floor – now proposed to be four storeys at the front and five storeys
at the rear
• The total gross floor area of the building has been reduced,
resulting in a floor space ratio (FSR) of less than 2.
• Side yard setback adjacent to King Edward Public School has
been increased from 1.9 metres to 2.5 metres.
• The dwelling unit make up and size has changed. Some
reduced unit sizing and fewer two and three bedrooms units.
• Total proposed number of dwelling units is 34.
• Parking rate of 1 space per unit maintained.
• Landscaped/amenity space and visitor parking exceeding
requirements of the By-law.

[Image: D3phyz9.jpg]

[Image: SwpmKzc.jpg]

Source: http://kitchener.ca.granicus.com/MetaVie...a_id=14119
Cool, balconies to check up on your car Big Grin
The first version looked so much better and I think the larger family friendly apartments were a good addition to the neighbourhood.
Sadly, the NIMBYs won this round.
(05-04-2016, 02:17 PM)tomh009 Wrote: Sadly, the NIMBYs won this round.

I wouldn't even say they won...  that's a lose-lose-lose situation Tongue
I’m not so sure they’re correctly characterized as NIMBYs, and I really don’t think they won. A single floor was taken off, but if height was their biggest concern I wouldn’t call that a victory. I think they were concerned about increased traffic on their street. As someone else noted, the result of their opposition was that there are actually more units, and fewer that could accommodate children. That’s sad: the area is a “family neighbourhood,” right next to an elementary school. Fewer, larger units that could accommodate families would probably have served their neighbourhood better. It is a bit ironic that their resistance will probably mean more single adults with a car each, and fewer children to play on the street and walk to King Edward.
The original version was much the better of the two exteriors, imho.
The original iw really nice,  the revised is ok....

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