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One Hundred | 21 & 17 fl | U/C
(05-20-2018, 07:55 AM)Spokes Wrote: This combined with Garment Street is going to have such a strong street presence for this block.

Not sure if this has been posted here yet or not, but this Garment St. promo video gives a virtual walk-thru starting from Bhram st, through the new Garment st project, connecting to the One Hundred entrance and back out to Victoria st - great visuals of One Hundred - and I (personally) didn't realize that they were creating this connecting street that loops through - will be such an awesome spot with restaurants/shops/etc - connects the two projects (and separates the Garment st office building from the Garment st and One Hundred Condos).

Check it out: http://garmentstreetcondos.com/video/gar...hrough.mp4

(Found here http://garmentstreetcondos.com/ )

The connecting street they are building is Garment St Wink. That's where the name comes from!
I was excited about these projects before. Now I'm really excited after watching that video.
I hope they make it pedestrian only.
(07-11-2018, 11:12 AM)Spokes Wrote: Ju a quick update from the other day

The suspense is killing me!
Bahaha where'd my picture go?!?!

I'll repost it later this afternoon
(05-24-2018, 02:28 PM)welltoldtales Wrote: I hope they make it pedestrian only.

I went to the open house and no it won't be pedestrian only, it will be for access to the parking garage, deliveries, service access and also pedestrians... almost like a woonerf.


[Image: iStock-458286645-crop.jpg]
While most people don't use the lane as a walkway, the 1Vic garage lead-up has been a bit of a disaster whenever I've walked there, or been at U-haul. It is so car-focused that I'm often almost hit by drivers going in and out of the garage, and they do so at very high speed. Anything with more pedestrian surrounds than 1Vic's garage should have a LOT more done to slow vehicles.
[Image: 43649973164_2d6503e700_c.jpg]One Hundred Victoria Rising by Matt, on Flickr
When is construction supposed to begin on the second tower?
(08-30-2018, 04:49 PM)panamaniac Wrote: When is construction supposed to begin on the second tower?

"2019", though I'm not sure if early or late.
Crane coming down today

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(10-15-2018, 01:32 PM)Rainrider22 Wrote: Crane coming down today

Wonder if they will set it up beside where tower 2 will be?, or why not leave it where it was and build the other tower?
Was this crane outside of the building? I know some are internalized in the elevator shafts.

That would explain it if it's the case.
(10-15-2018, 09:01 PM)Spokes Wrote: Was this crane outside of the building?  I know some are internalized in the elevator shafts.

That would explain it if it's the case.

It was outside the building.  'the crane was being loaded onto trucks and taken away. They still have to excavate the site for the second tower. So no point leaving the crane on scene.
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