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General Retail News
Road cyclists love coffee and cafes and if there's a good one, will go back again and again and again. The problem is that you don't normally end up in Belmont Village when going out on road rides.

Popular spots:

Balzacs (Stratford), Monigram (Galt), Anna Mae's (Millbank), Bonnie Lou's (Floradale), Belwood Country Market (Belwood), Flying Monkey (Campbellville), Brown Dog (or whatever they call themselves now) (St. George) among others.
(10-10-2018, 10:31 PM)Spokes Wrote:

Sad news, but as someone who used to manage a bike shop, its a tough business.

A story in today's Record with more information.

"It's unfortunate," owner Graham Roe said on Wednesday. "The business hasn't made itself sustainable yet and it's been almost three years. It's been a drain on family. Time to put my dreams on hold. Or park them."


"So the bike shop was always playing second fiddle and never got the attention to make it work," Roe said. "When the café was going really well, it was really hard to take away floor space for bikes when the café is paying the rent."
Anyone know what's going in on Hespeler road next to Starbucks? Used to be an RBC there I believe, before it was torn down.

Whatever store it's for, the building has a very nice street presence, fronting directly on the corner of Hespeler and dundas (is that dundas?). Seems to take up the entirety of the street frontage too, right to the property line.

Honestly, this is what Hespeler road should be aiming for. Nice to see something like this finally go in, whatever store it might be for.
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